Our Expert Services

  1. To bring qualified and eligible students from all over the world to Malaysian base colleges and universities.
  2. To promote Malaysia’s Education Excellence and Malaysia’s Education Hub in Asia.
  3. To organize specific events from student counseling road show, exhibitions and seminars.
  4. To undertake spot admissions in the presence of representatives of various educational institutions.
  5. To serve as a qualified counselors to guide and assist students, whenever they need help.
  6. To work in speed. They provide fast & direct access to specific local markets. We can help to recruit students quickly & effectively at comparably low cost & risk. We can further send you large numbers of students.
  7. To assist in selecting best Program & Institution for Students who finds it difficult to decide.
  8. To facilitate students with the right information and make arrangement for their admission, documentation, stay and comfort in Malaysia.
  9. To appoint Local Agents in various targeted countries to represent Malaysian collages and universities for long term presence.
  10. To provide live long follow-up to new potential students as well as intuitions on student-academic up date.
  11. To out-source the overseas student marketing department to us so that we do what we are best at and intuitions best utilize their time and resource in the operations of the intuition.

Valuable Information Sources

Internal Information:

  • Database
  • Country information
  • Student information & profile

External Information:

  • Government & institutional information
  • Recommendations & personal networks
  • Specialized media communications & relations
  • Initial field trips
  • The social media marketing to target groups
  • Well-organized student recruitment events

Other Value Added Services

  • Represent you on a year round basis as a reliable, trustworthy and accountable person. Maintaining your good reputation.
  • Provide you with reliable local market information. Able to match the profile of student and your university.
  • Saves all the frustration of both students and university as we know the subject matter well as well as local customs and needs.
  • Distribute your promotional material regularly.
  • Advertise in targeted local media for you.
  • Represent you at local fairs and college days.
  • Provide you with a local infrastructure.
  • Arrange student appointments & presentation opportunities during your visits.
  • Improve your application / admission conversion rates by providing counseling and other value-added services to students.
  • Save you valuable amount of time, money, resources and efforts.
  • Pass on post-study feedback (positive/negative)