Our Role as Agents

Education agents are playing an increasingly central role in recruiting international students for collages and universities. Just how significant this role is for students became apparent to them through interviewing students about their ‘journey’ from making the decision to study abroad, to entering a Degree or Masters program of study, through common milestones such as getting the required entry requirement. From the institutional perspective, the role of the agent ends once the student registers their presence on their chosen course. But not today, as academicians, they are more interested in knowing how this important initial relationship with recruitment agents might influence the student’s educational expectations and later experience and what they might learn from this as educators…

That’s why at GreenTECH Edu Ventures we provide that extra value added services and go that extra miles to get you the right candidate. - R.T. Rajan, Director

Why Overseas Students Uses Our Service?

  • We are the first source of information knowledge for students to explore and understand in depth.
  • We can offers a range of service including advising, guiding and supporting the student with the application process, visa and travel arrangements;
  • We can provide information from universities and communicate with the university on behalf of the student.
  • Students has a verity of reasons for why they wish to study aboard… we shortlist their needs and match them with the rightful college or university.
  • Student may only have a partial and/or limited view of the host university’s academic culture and the course they will attend – both in terms of the explicit demands and expectations of the course and the implicit academic conventions and teaching/learning practices.
  • We can influence the views of the student before their decision, through assessment leading to assumptions about their level of confidence and competence which may not be borne out in practice.