GreenTECH Edu Ventures was initiated to bring Globalization of Education. It had started a pioneering effort to ensure that aspiring students across the world have access to quality education from Malaysian universities and colleges. It helps students realize the dream of studying in the best universities of Malaysia.

GreenTECH Edu Ventures was established with a mission to bring world-class education closer to students coming from developing and underdeveloped countries. In its endeavor to promote education, we worked towards bringing international education to the doorstep of the students. This is done via International Exhibition and Fairs.

We provide various services such as student counseling, assistance in document processing, applying to institutions, following-up for admission, employment services, and visa applications. We are committed to promote international education by following professional and ethical standards.

Knowledge has been proven to be powerful enough to bind nations together. Exposure to international communities exposes students to their customs, traditions, history and culture that leads to mutual respect, admiration and ensures peaceful co-existence. As the old adage goes, pen is mightier than sword- it is very much true, as transfer and sharing of knowledge has brought a refreshing change in the attitude of people of all the countries. In the coming years, we believe that international education will be the best way to inculcate global citizen values in every human being.